Gatanga District

Lifeline to Happiness Y1

Lifeline to Happiness Y1

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, we were able to assist Gatanga Furaha Children’s Center (GFCC) in helping 22 orphans and vulnerable children with all their basic needs such as a safe environment, nutritious meals, clothing, school fees, uniforms, and supplies. The children are living healthy lives and are doing well in school. GFCC is proud to announce that they sent their first child, Cyrus Ndungu, to high school in January 2012. All his school fees, uniforms and stationary requirements were fully paid through the support of the GO community. Cyrus says, “We are happy that GO Campaign has helped us. I am in form 1. I will work hard in school. Tell GO Campaign I will do very well at the form four national exam.”


Keziah Mwaura

Keziah Mwaura is a mother, a schoolteacher, and a Local Hero in Nairobi, Kenya. ...
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