Lifesavers Emergency Aid

Lifesavers Emergency Aid

Results: Final Report

GO Campaign provided uniforms, meals, medical assistance and sponsored a reconciliation seminar for the children and devastated community in Kenya in the aftermath of the 2008 political violence.

Agusto Githaiga, Director of Kawangware Vision Center (KVC), told GO “”Ethnically charged violence following the election rocked our country leaving many children out of school and hungry. The essence of our nation was destroyed…we urgently need to build peace and provide our youth and children with basic life support.”” In response, GO Campaign’s LifeSavers grant provided KSCYP with:

  • New and repaired school uniforms for 24 children: As a result of the violence, many children’s uniforms (a requirement for attending school) were torn and unable to be worn. Now, these students are attending school and continuing their studies.
  • Hot lunch for 11 weeks for more than 60 children: Concentrating and excelling in school is difficult while going hungry. GO funding provided nutritious meals to more than 60 school children, as a KVC student commented: “”My mum can’t afford to cook chapatti. That’s why I was not #1 in my class. But, I have eaten 3 chapattis (and soup) today, and now I will be #1!”” It’s easy to make chapattis! See below for details.
  • Basic medical assistance: GO funds helped provide immediate medical attention to several children and youth who suffered injuries from the election violence. One such youth, Peter Kahara, whose chronic chest pains worsened through the violence, was able to get the appropriate medical attention for his condition and his health continues to improve.
  • Peace building and reconciliation seminar: To help build long-term peace, KVC organized a seminar bringing together law-enforcement officials and members from all tribes for a community dialogue on living together peacefully as one unified community. Three presenters spoke to 72 participants about the economic ramifications of violence, the moral and legal responsibilities of youth, and how different ethnicities co-existed to build the region. The seminar was followed by an open discussion that ended with a communal declaration, “Together forever, divided we fall!”