Navajo Youth Empowerment Y2

Navajo Youth Empowerment Y2

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports the Thoreau Community Center’s (TCC) programs to reduce teen suicide and drug and alcohol abuse amongst Native American youth living on and around the Navajo reservation in Thoreau, New Mexico. TCC will use GO Campaign’s grant to expand their outreach to marginalized youth through their Youth Advisors Council which was established through their previous GO grant. The Youth Advisors Council is comprised of 11 youth leaders tasked with the responsibility of helping TCC better address the needs and concerns of their peers. The Council will develop specific events to engage youth not currently participating in the center’s programs in order to increase their awareness about TCC’s services and involvement in center activities.


Priscella Manuelito

Priscella is a member of the Navajo (Dine) people. She has been a life-long comm...
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