Paradero Rumichaka

New School, New Hope

New School, New Hope

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports quality education for indigenous Quechua students at three different schools in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The mission of Willka T’ika Children’s Fund is to provide opportunity for Quechua students so they may pursue better lives for themselves and their families. Principal Jessica Florez Huamanttica believes that by improving education, Quechua students will have a safe and encouraging learning environment that will further open doors and opportunities for them in the future. Earlier in the project, Jessica worked hard to reopen a formerly abandoned school for students high up in the Andes mountains. As the grant project continues, she is working tirelessly to improve the classroom supplies, infrastructure, and learning conditions not only at this school but two other schools in the area. She is proud to report that her efforts are paying off, and more families are coming forward to bring their children to school and to help Jessica make school the best learning opportunity possible for their communities.


Jessica Flores Huamantica

Jessica was the principal of Chumpe School for the last ten years. She decided h...
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