Orphan Safety Now

Orphan Safety Now

Results: Final Report

This grant supports quality orphan care in Moshi, Tanzania. The mission of Global Vision for Missions Network is to support and empower vulnerable children and orphans to access their basic needs. Global Vision continually strives to make its residential home a happier and safer place for its children. Earlier in the project, they had constructed a new security fence to keep the children safe from kidnappings and wild animals. Now, funds are focused on improving a new poultry business at the property. Global Vision hopes that with the income generated from the poultry business, they can continue to improve its orphan care andmore effectively meet the needs of even more children in the future. The staff is proud to report that early results from the poultry business are already helping with the children’s health and nutrition.


Simon Sori

Simon was working as a pastor in the villages of Chekereni and Mabogini in 2010 ...
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