Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the GO community, we were able to support the construction of four children’s reading rooms for the Women’s Awareness Center in Nepal (WACN). WACN was created in 1990 to empower poor women, especially those in rural areas, through the creation of economic opportunities through cooperatives. These cooperatives have greatly improved the status and lives of Nepalese women especially those living in rural areas. Prior to the creation of the cooperatives, these women were relegated to the lowest rank in society and to a submissive role, confined to their home and farm. They were discouraged and prevented from participating in society, and girls and women were not able to get out of the vicious cycle of daily household work and poverty. Since joining the cooperatives, members have been able to earn and save money to support their families, allowing them to send their children to school and provide proper nutrition. Many of the members bring their young children with them to the cooperative, and WACN wanted to start to an early intervention program to ensure that these children have a strong educational foundation thus increasing their chances of having a healthy and happy life. WACN  used grant funds to establish reading rooms in 4 cooperative centers to develop the literacy and learning skills of the children of its members.  In the reading rooms, a staff member provided tutoring classes. In addition, books and reference materials were available for children to use, learn, and enjoy.


Prativa Subedi

When Prativa was a child, school was not an option for many Nepali girls but wit...
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