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Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, CPPCR was able to continue their birth registration program for Burmese refugee children. CPPCR’s mission is to secure the rights, health, safety, and education of stateless children in Thailand. Funds primarily supported the birth certificates for migrant children within Thai borders. With these certificates, they are able to register for school, apply for certain aid, and receive general recognition and assistance from the Thai government. Over 1,675 children registered with CPPCR, which more than doubled their numbers from the previous year. The project also brought great awareness to the general public about the issue of “statelessness” and what it really means for families and young children growing up as migrants in another country. CPPCR looks forward to continuing and expanding their services. They are focused on children’s rights and advocacy, and are working hard to improve their birth registration program.


Dr. Cynthia Maung

An ethnic Karen born in Burma in 1959, Dr. Cynthia Maung is Burma’s most famou...
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