Right to Education

Right to Education

Results: Final Report

When we heard that 41% of the indigenous population in Guerrero, Mexico is illiterate compared to 13% of the non-indigenous residents (according to the National Council of Evaluation of Social Development Policies), we knew there had to be a reason and a solution. Guerrero is one of the states in Mexico that has made the least progress in terms of educating its residents. On average, a child in Guerrero spends just 3.9 years in school compared to the national average of 8.6 years. The disparity is shocking, but the marginalized Me’phaa community is committed to making sure their children have access to education.

Since 1994, the Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre has been defending the fundamental rights of individuals as well as the collective rights of Guerrero’s deprived indigenous communities. GO Campaign partnered with Tlachinollan and RFK Human Rights to secure the education of 100 children – a critical opportunity not only for their future but for the future well-being of their indigenous community.


Abel Barrera Hernández

Anthropologist and human rights activist Abel Barrera Hernández is a Local Hero...
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