Makwanpur District

Safe from Trafficking

Safe from Trafficking

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, we were able to send program funds to General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP), an organization committed to making lasting positive change in the lives of Nepali girls who are in jeopardy of being trafficked or have escaped from sexual slavery. Funds will be used to increase the knowledge and efficiency of 46 group leaders so they can continue to organize and empower other young women, provide educational and business loans to help girls become independent, run literacy trainings, provide education regarding reproductive health, and support anti-trafficking and women’s empowerment events for the community. This is GO’s second grant to GWP, and we are excited to work with them to significantly reduce the number of young and adolescent girls trafficked from the Makwanpur District.


Mahesh Bhattarai

In the Makwanpur District of Nepal, Local Hero Mahesh Bhattarai is fighting for ...
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