School for Life

School for Life

Results: Final Report

Thanks to donations from GO, Comunidad Campesina de Huama was able to construct two additional classrooms for the Huama Community School located in the remote mountainous Andes region of Peru, which is home to a community of indigenous Quechua people. Prior to the expansion project, only students in the 1st- 4th grades were able to attend school. Now, students aged 8-11 have a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn. The students and community are very happy and proud that in this small, rural community they are able to have the same conditions as students in larger cities like Lima. Community members assisted in the construction of the school by collecting stones, leveling the ground for the laying of the cement, and digging ditches to show their support and commitment to this transformative project for their children’s education and future.


Richar Velarde Casafranca

Local Hero Richar Velarde Casafranca has succeeded against all odds in improving...
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