Los Angeles

Shakespeare for the Students

Shakespeare for the Students

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports summer and school-year programming for LADC’s inner-city youth troupe. The mission of Los Angeles Drama Club is to inspire creativity and hard work ethic through the arts. Funds have helped hire an additional arts and drama teacher, increase the number of children who could participate in the program, and double their capacity for fall and spring play productions during the upcoming 2015-16 season. LA Drama Club has reported that the summer camps have been successful in this first phase of the project. Their summer enrollment numbers are high, which keeps expectations high for continued high enrollment during the regular school year programming. The students are invested deeply in the summer programs and staff can see their confidence growing as they participate in the program.


Blaire Larsen

Blaire is an actress, playwright and director. In 2004, Blaire was recruited by ...
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