Moshi, Tanzania

Special Children Special Needs Y3

In Tanzania and much of East Africa, children and youth with disabilities are often considered to be a curse; they are segregated from the rest of society, denied their right to education, and deprived of the chance of being a contributing member of society. Their families, unaware of the causes for their behavior and untrained on how to properly care for them, will often abandon these children. The Gabriella Centre provides proper care and gives hope to these children who were once forgotten.

Special Child Special Needs is a long-term therapy program that GO Campaign has been supporting for three years. This program allows youth with disabilities to reside at the centre and to receive all the support needed to become fully functioning members of their family and the community. In addition to learning communication skills and receiving occupational therapy, youth also learn an income generating skill. This ensures that youth are capable of sustaining themselves when they leave the centre and reintegrate into society. Currently, Special Child Special Needs is limited in its capacity and is only is capable of supporting 40 children annually. For the children who are on the waiting list, the Gabriella Centre offers therapy weeks. During these weeks, a child with disabilities and his/her parent will stay at the center for one week where the child is assessed and the parent learns about the specific needs of his/her child and ways to support their development when they return home.


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