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Spring of Hope School

Spring of Hope School

The Spring of Hope School exposes students from rural minority communities to English instruction. This exposure allows for larger successes when applying to universities, when attending universities, and when applying for vocational positions. The school has been such a success that two of the school’s students have shown exemplary English abilities and have joined the paid teaching staff at the school.

Believing that all children regardless of their ethnicity or religion should be given equal opportunities, GO Campaign partnered with the Spring of Hope School in 2014 to improve the lives of Cham youth. We started with the conversion of a building for use as the school, purchasing furniture and supplies and hiring staff, making the school operational. The second stage of this project was to maintain the school for another 2 years and to expand the building to allow for more student enrollments.

There have been a few challenges to overcome in setting up and running the school. Flooding during the rainy season, frequent power outages and poor internet connection have posed challenges to Osman and the staff, as well as scheduling the students around their existing primary schools. However, they have been able to work around the issue of scheduling and maintain full attendance throughout our classes.

Eventually, Osman hopes to expand the curriculum taught at the school and make it financially self-sustaining, but for now, the immediate goals are teaching English and Computer Literacy.

The partnership with GO Campaign has been valuable as it has not only served as the umbrella organization for charitable fundraising in the United States, but it has given the project visibility that it otherwise would not have had. Most notably, the recent Robert Pattinson Birthday Project helped the project raise more funds than it would have had without the support of GO Campaign.

The school has also benefitted from volunteers from American universities, teaching English on a volunteer basis. Students have visited and worked with the school from Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Goshen College, and Oberlin College.

By the end of 2016, 700 children had benefitted from the Spring of Hope School, with the potential for 400 more recipients. The teaching staff are experienced and have benefitted from observing the volunteer teachers from other countries. This in turn has helped the students learn English.

The Spring of Hope School has enabled students to gain knowledge of English and computers, the principle need for them to study at the university. It has helped poor minority students in rural areas who cannot afford lessons at other schools.

The project has ensured that all students routinely hear, read and speak English and gain experience in using computers, thus giving them important new skills and the motivation to learn more.

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