Itombwe, D.R. Congo

Stay in School Kits

Stay in School Kits

The biggest problem Congolese girls face in earning an education is the beginning of their menstrual cycles. Adolescent girls have limited to no access to hygienic sanitary solutions and common practices often leave women and girls vulnerable to infection. Once a girl begins menstruation, she will miss one week of school per month until she falls behind academically and eventually drops out of school. Further, this often alerts their fathers to their new status as “women” and makes them eligible to be married off to potential suitors. Without an education, illiteracy and poverty are common, and women have a much more difficult time finding a job and supporting their families.

GO Campaign has partnered with Neema to support a pilot enterprise aimed at helping girls continue their education beyond puberty and to reduce the rates of child marriage. This grant funded the construction of a workspace where SAFECO’s Girl Ambassadors can make, store and distribute reusable sanitary napkins to adolescent girls. To date, Neema’s Stay-in-School kits have been disbursed to 1,000 girls throughout the Itombwe  Plateau – an area the the size of Burundi and Rwanda combined.



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