Strongheart House

Strongheart House

Results: Final Report

Thanks to donations from GO, Strongheart House is now open and caring for youth impacted by civil war and human trafficking. In addition to providing individuals with a safe place to live, teachers and staff work with residents to develop their skills so that they can become Liberia’s next generation of problem-solvers. Construction was completed in the Spring of 2010, and Strongheart House opened its doors in June of that year. The first residents of Strongheart House were from the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana where they were living as unaccompanied minors.

Grace Freeman, a Strongheart resident, said, “I used to be alone in the world. I was a shy little girl who was beaten down by eleven years of being a slave. Strongheart gave me a nurturing home. I never had this before, and it has changed my life.”


Lovetta Conto

Lovetta Conto was born in Liberia, but was forced to flee because of the civil w...
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