Textbooks for 40 students

Textbooks for 40 students

Results: Final Report

Textbooks for forty students at Bright Junior School have been purchased and delivered. In 2008 Wambui and Mary Wamaitha founded the informal one-room school in the Kware slum near Nairobi to provide primary education to children aged three to ten and unable to attend one of the few overcrowded and run-down free government schools because they cannot afford the required school uniform. Bright Junior Schools is registered with the government and Wambui and Mary continue to run the school with occasional help from qualified volunteers and part-time teachers.

The textbooks purchased by the GO Community will significantly enhance the students’ ability to learn, keep pace with their peers attending state-run schools and help them pass the entry exams required to attend public schools in the hopes that they’ll be able to continue with their education.


Wambui and Mary Wamaitha

Wambui and Mary Wamaitha, two women living in the Kware slum in Ongata Rongai, K...
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