Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports ongoing trauma therapy for former child soldiers and other youth and children affected or even orphaned by the LRA and the war. The mission of Children of Peace Uganda is to help these children and youth find a sense of purpose and become productive members of society. Funds have been used to support individual and group counseling, arts and dance therapy, community dialogue meetings, and school Peace clubs. There has been a productive start to the project. CPU has already conducted interviews with children, caretakers, and psychosocial helpers to learn more about all the challenges facing the youth. Peace clubs have expanded in four different schools. CPU has been able to organize home visits, which has strengthened the trust between the participating youth and staff. They even conducted a radio program in which the community learned about the former soldiers, their personal experiences, and their steps towards a healthier future.


Jane Ekayu

Growing up in a large family, Jane learned to prioritize the needs of others abo...
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