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Village of Change

Village of Change

Results: Final Report


Thanks to the support of the GO community, we were able to assist Life and Hope Association to sustain operations at the Children’s Development Village (CDV), a home for 45 orphans and vulnerable children. In 2010, CDV faced great financial challenges due to the loss of major donor funding. GO was able to step in and provide financial assistance directed at ensuring that the basic needs of the children continued to be met while CDV administrators developed a plan to address the funding crisis. GO funds were used to pay living expenses and provide daily nutritious meals for the children at the orphanage. Because of the support from GO, CDV was able to initiate a new sponsorship strategy where CDV staff seek sponsorships for each of the individual houses rather than one sponsor to provide funds for the entire project. Using this individual house sponsorship program, CDV has generated enough support to ensure that the CDV remains open and is able to continue to care for the children in residence.


Venerable Somnieng Hoeurn

Venerable Somnieng Hoeurn is an incredible Local Hero who founded and runs Life ...
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