Kapune Village, Kilgoris

Water Access for Achievement

Water Access for Achievement

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports the provision of safe water to Sirua Aulo Academy as well as 3 other schools in the Maasailand area. The mission of the academy is to provide academic support to the indigenous Maasai children. Funds helped complete construction of a borehole for a new water well. There is incredible excitement about the progress on the water project among students and the surrounding community. They first struck water in June after choosing the right place to build the rig and borehole. The staff is looking forward to completing the project with the addition of a solar pump for the water. The children understand the importance of clean water at the school, and they are so glad they do not have to leave campus and go to the stream for water anymore.


Emmanuel Leina Tasur

Emmanuel Leina Tasur is a Maasai living in the Village of Oronkai, in rural sout...
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