Will to Live

Will to Live

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, a vocational and life skills training for youth with disabilities in Hanoi was sustained. The mission of Will to Live Center is to integrate these disabled youth into society, bridging differences between the communities. The organization reported that the project was a large success. Funds supported two Informational Technology (IT) courses in which a total of 40 students participated. As a result of their coursework, these students felt more confident and were able to apply for and secure stable employment within the IT industry. The youth also participated in basic job and life skills training. Will to Live found that many of their students were eager to learn more, and always inquired about the next courses they could take to improve their skills and take more initiative for the lifestyles they want to achieve. Overall, there were great improvements in the participants’ independent living skills. The Center looks forward to expanded programming and more psychosocial support services in the years ahead.


Nguyen Cong Hung

Cong Hung is one of Vietnam’s only advocates for children with disabilitie...
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