Samburu Handicap Education and Rehabilitation Programme (SHERP)

In March 2016, GO Campaign gave a grant to Samburu Handicap Education and Rehabilitation Programme (SHERP) for repairs at the orphanage. The purpose of the grant was to repair the sewage system, redo the electrical wiring, and fix the borehole. SHERP was at risk of closing the institution due to the sewage system issues. When the electrical wiring was installed 14 years ago, the electricians installed them quite low and did not consider the children with disabilities who may not understand that the wires are dangerous to play with.

Thanks to our grant, SHERP now has clean water which has improved the health of the children and electricity which has improved the safety of the children due to having fixed loose wires as well as functioning security lights. 130 youth have been directly impacted by this grant as well as 18 caretakers.

The availability of clean water has been life-changing. The cleanliness of water is now above average and there is enough water for the garden providing a steady supply of food to children. In their remote area, families used to spend an entire day searching for water. As a pleasant surprise to all, there is even enough water to share with neighbors during the dry season. SHERP is so thankful for the grant that continues to bless so many.

Meet Mark:

Mark was paid by the contractor to lock up his tools and equipment at the end of each day. “I spent some money to buy bread for my friends here at SHERP and have saved some money to go back to school in the next semester”.

Quote from Jackson:

“For many days we had no water. I was very happy when I saw a vehicle entering our compound with ‘water engineers and borehole servicing department’ written, I knew something good is happening. It’s just a matter of a few days and we will have our borehole producing the water we need so much.“

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