10 YR Campaign

10 YR Campaign

GO Campaign was founded in 2006 to help 25 orphans living in the East African village of Moshi, Tanzania. Since then, we have expanded to 30 countries and impacted the lives of more than 88,000 children worldwide. To commemorate our 10-year anniversary, we are honoring our roots and spotlighting one of the most vulnerable populations in Tanzania: children with special needs.

The Gabriella Children’s Rehabilitation Centre is a leading model for therapy services for children with autism and learning disabilities in Tanzania, providing comprehensive services in early assessment and intervention, inclusive education, vocational training, and community outreach. Through intensive therapy care and education, the center has already transformed the lives of 900 children with disabilities and their families. GO Campaign has worked closely with Gabriella Centre for many years, but it has reached capacity. Too many children are on its waiting list with little hope of receiving services. In partnership with the Gabriella Centre, we are building a new home for the center allowing it to expand its reach and capacity in the community.

aaaThe new Gabriella Centre is a $1.3 million investment in the future of children with disabilities; it is the most ambitious investment project in the region’s history and once completed will improve the lives of thousands of children whose futures are at risk. The new Gabriella Centre will be East Africa’s preeminent center for mentally challenged and autistic youth. The center will provide care and therapy for hundreds of children per year, including assessment, therapeutic care, boarding, vocational training, community outreach, awareness programs, and training for volunteers and families.

The need for children with disabilities is critical. Over the years, we have heard first-hand accounts of disabled children being locked up, never seeing daylight or, worse, being buried alive or tied to trees for wild animals to eat. We need to act now. A survey conducted by the Gabriella Centre in 2011 revealed that children with disabilities constitutes 44% of the disabled population in Kilimanjaro. Rehabilitation services for children with learning disabilities is inadequate throughout East Africa and much of the continent as there are few organizations that provide education to children with intellectual disabilities. The Gabriella Center helps disabled children to become independent, productive, and valued members of the community. They strive to eliminate the misperceptions, myths, and negative attitudes towards disabled individuals.

As soon as GO Campaign has raised $650,000, construction will begin, and GO Campaign will go wide in our fundraising efforts to meet the remainder of the $1.3 million total goal. We hope to see the completion of the new Gabriella Centre in 2017. Together, we believe we can greatly impact the lives of extremely marginalized children in East Africa. Join our movement.

Please consider supporting at the following levels:

  • Superhero $650,000
  • Guardian $100,000
  • Partner $50,000
  • Friend  $25,000
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