Svay Khleang Village, Cambodia

Hope in Education

Hope in Education

The Opportunity

In Cambodia, the ethnic Cham community is a marginalized and impoverished community. In the 1970s, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge targeted the Cham as part of their efforts to eradicate all minority communities and cultures. As a result, the Cham suffered devastatingly high numbers of deaths at that time. Today, their opportunities for advancement are still limited because of continued discrimination. GO Campaign’s partner, Cambodia Community Connection (CCC) is committed to helping improve the quality of life for the Cham. CCC strives to break the cycle of poverty through educating Cham youth at the Spring of Hope School. Join GO Campaign in providing continued support for CCC’s vocational training programs so Cham youth can obtain employment. No community should be left without the same opportunities as their peers. Grant funds will be used to provide two years of operating support for the vocational training school and enable CCC to give 200 students annually the opportunity to learn English, become computer literate, and obtain employment. Help us provide Cham youth with the opportunities they need to thrive

The Plan

Our grant will:

  • Provide core operating support for the vocational school for two years
  • Focus on vocational training programs to strengthen life and employment skills for over 200 students annually
  • Improve educational quality through technology and English language learning
  • Establish an annual scholarship fund for graduates to attend university in Phnom Penh

The Reason

As part of the minority Muslim population in Cambodia, the ethnic Cham frequently suffer discrimination. Their advancement within Cambodian society has been hampered by a variety of obstacles including the fact that their native language is Cham as opposed to Khmer, which is the official state language. Less than 50% of Cham children graduate from primary school. Those who do graduate are rarely encouraged to pursue their education because many members of the Cham community feel there are no real opportunities for their youth to advance. Additionally, most Cham youth lack the proficiency in English that their peers in Phnom Penh have and have never been exposed to computers or the Internet, which further reduces their employment and career opportunities. With your support, the CCC vocational training school will be a crucial stepping-stone that will prepare dedicated and driven Cham students to succeed, support their families, and strengthen the Cham community by example.