Stand with GO Campaign

We need your help.

GO Campaign is all-inclusive, supporting transformative projects both here in the USA and around the world… for Africans and Asians… for children of refugees… for Christian, Jewish and Muslim youth… for LGBT teens… for young artists and dreamers… for junior scientists and aspiring inventors… for future caretakers of our fragile planet.When others win and thrive, we all win and thrive. We can help America be great by showing the world that the American dream of equal opportunity for all is alive and well.

GO take a stand with us by becoming a recurring monthly donor. For as little as $5, $25, or $50 a month, you can cross all boundaries and divides and show the world what it really means to be united.

Please join us in supporting our global family.

You can make a world of difference.

Stand with GO today!

#GOtakeaSTAND #Opportunities4All #GOCampaign

PS. Of course one-time donations of any size are of great help too. If you’d like to take a stand with your one-time donation, just click here to join us.