Winners of the 2010 GO Ingenuity Award Announced

GO Campaign and Unified Field Corporation name 4 inaugural winners of the global prize to celebrate innovation and inspire youth ingenuity in developing nations.

Santa Monica, CA – March 09, 2010 – GO Campaign, a Santa Monica based organization, has announced the winners of the nonprofit’s inaugural GO Ingenuity Award (GIA). Launched at the Maker Faire Africa in Ghana last August, the prize is awarded to inventors, artists and makers, enabling them to share their unique skills with marginalized youth in developing nations.

“I’ve been meeting with marginalized youth throughout the developing world for some time now, and while their circumstances differ, a common thread they share is a real desire and eagerness to improve their lives through education,” said Scott Fifer, Founder and Executive Director of GO Campaign. “We know how inspiring and life-changing access to vocational training and mentorship can be, and the GIA is just one way we try to foster youth empowerment.”

Winners of the 2010 GIA are:

William Kamkwamba, co-author and subject of the best-selling book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Trapped in poverty and unable to afford school, William taught himself to build a windmill at age 14, generating income for his family and his village. He went on to become a TED Africa fellow, and win a scholarship to the African Leadership Academy in South Africa where he now studies, and his 2009 book has become the subject of great media attention. William applied for the GIA so he could hold workshops for youth in his home village in Malawi and teach them how to follow in his footsteps. He will teach youth how to make windmills and repair water pumps, both of which proved to be transformative skills for this young African leader.

Mary Hark, artist and Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. In collaboration with local artists and educators in Kinasi, Ghana, Mary helped create a local hand-made papermaking initiative that creates an income-generating product and protects the environment and local community by putting to use a non-indigenous, invasive plant that has been damaging farms as the paper source rather than using native trees. The GIA will allow the local artists and educators in Ghana to share their knowledge with youth, and will lay a foundation for ongoing youth engagement at their studio.

Rasheed Akindiya, mixed media artist in Accra, Ghana. Rasheed uses recycled materials to create mixed media art. Experienced in sharing his environmentally friendly art with youth programs, Rasheed will use the GIA to inspire local Ghanaian youth through workshops in his community, including workshops aimed at mentally disabled youth.

Winners were selected by a Blue Ribbon Panel of judges:

Paulynn Cue, Curator 5D/Design is Change
Scott Fifer, Founder GO Campaign
Dr. Robert Lemelson, Vice President Lemelson Foundation
Emeka Okafor, Director TED Africa
Lars Hasselblad Torres, Director MIT IDEAS Global Challenge

About the GO Ingenuity Award
The GO Ingenuity Award was established to encourage the sharing of innovative artistry and technology with marginalized youth eager for a better future. The one-year, one-time fellowship grants enable recipients to host informal, hands-on learning workshops that educate and inspire youth to harness their own ingenuity.

About Unified Field Corporation
Unified Field Corporation (UFC) was started in 2008 to develop both the Unified Field Bank Community Partnership Bank System and Unified Field Media. Unified Field Bank’s mission is to mainstream a new model of community partnership banking that combines the creative resources of each community with transparent, sustainable banking practices in service of the financial, environmental, social, and cultural bottom line. Unified Field Media is an innovative platform of narrative and immersive entertainment and educational media to inspire the creation of our healthy, sustainable and prosperous world.

About GO Campaign
GO Campaign is a U.S. nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to giving opportunity to youth around the world. GO raises awareness and funds for grassroots organizations throughout the developing world that provide orphans and vulnerable children with the care and services they need to survive and thrive. GO empowers youth to participate in our mission by providing them with engaging tools and resources that educate and inspire action.

The Executive Director of GO Campaign, Scott Fifer, is available for interviews about how to inspire youth in developing nations and the effect it can have on the future of the world.